June 12, 2018

Episode 54 - Shaq-Fu, Rick and Morty, & Gaming: A Ryan Elder Podcast

This week's episode of Downtime Podcast features a very special guest. Composer, gamer, podcaster, and the guy who made our music: Ryan Elder!

The gang discusses Vampyr, a new Diablo project, and the latest E3 news, leaks, and final predictions (although this episode will come out on E3 Monday, we made it in time for a few final press conferences!)

For gameplay, Alyssa is playing Shaq-Fu, Jeremy is winding down on Yakuza 6, and Ryan is playing Slay the Spire and Elder Scrolls Online. The episode ends with listener questions, music + Rick and Morty insights from Ryan Elder, and banter about the latest Survivor 36 finale and Arrested Development.


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