June 27, 2019

Episode 109 - A History of The Sims Podcast

While Jeremy is out on vacation, Downtime Podcast presents...

SUMMER OF ALYSSA 2019 = 5 solo episodes in one week, hosted by the lovely Alyssa.

THURSDAY: Alyssa provides a short history lesson of the The Sims by Maxis. Changing lives on February 4, 2000. From the early beginnings of the Bay Area game studio to the original gameplay and ideation, this episode introduces development of one of the most successful PC games of all time.


*This podcast contains samples of the The Sims soundtrack, which Downtime Podcast does not own. It is used for the purposes of review, and we do not make profit from this*

Sources: Official EA website, “Developer Origins” from GameSpy, “Meet Mr. SimCity” by Barbara Kantrowitz from Newsweek, “The Eighteen Year History of The Sims” by Samuel Gilzean from Cubed Gamers, “Maxis is now under EA’s wing” by Walter Morebeck and Kate Hedstrom from GameSpot, and “Gonna Play the Sims? You gotta speak Simlish” from Savvy Gaming.


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